Pig Share (half pig)

Pig Share (half pig)

630.00 910.00

Pig Share program gives you a discount of $9.00 per lb.  Retail is from  $13 to $18 per lb.  Purchase this package and get 70 lbs of pork.  This package is not available for CSA discount, this is already discounted.

Whole pig: at $9.00 per lb you get 70lbs of a variety of pork shoulder roasts, pork chops, pork fat, ground pork, ham steaks, mixed sausages of sweet italian, hot italian, cajun, breakfast sausage. Total payment of $630

You will need to pick this up at our workshop in Ventura, Ca or if you are in LA areas, we can schedule it on one of our deliveries to get it to you!

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