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WENDY’S WISCONSIN BRATS $16 lb (4 links)

These traditional bratwurst sausages are delicious!

My delicious Wisconsin Brats! Have you tried my German/Swiss Brats?

I grew up in Wisconsin and I'm mostly German Swiss. I'm learning German and hoping to visit Switzerland soon to see my ancestors farm where they also raised pigs, chickens and cows.

They are made with our Berkshire heritage breed pork, which is soy and corn free! Ground pork, mustard seed, onion, sea salt and black pepper

• $16 / lb (1 pack, 4 sausages ~ 1-1.2 lb)

WENDY’S WISCONSIN BRATS $16 lb (4 links)

  • Price on website is just an estimate. Price will be updated based on product weight and price per pound. This will be reflected on your invoice at pick up or delivery. Any reward points will be added on after the correct invoice amount and payment has been received. 

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