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Oliflex Olive Oil organic $33

Oliflix is a municipality located in the southwest corner of Catalonia, Spain and is home to Oliflix, a uniquely artisan crafted, organic, extra virgin olive oil made from ancient orchards, using old-world techniques. Their oil is extracted exclusively from organically grown olives, free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides or environmental pollutants. This oil boasts a very high polyphenol content without the associated bitter taste.

This is 100% first cold pressed extra virgin organic olive oil, made entirely from the Arbequina olives grown in Catalonia, Spain. The taste and phytonutrient density of this olive oil is nothing short of extraordinary. This is the food of Kings, valued throughout history by those wealthy enough to be able to afford it. And now it's available here in North America, to everyone!

• $33 / 750mL bottle

Oliflex Olive Oil organic $33

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