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BEEF OXTAIL (approx 2 lbs) $24 lb

1 inch thick

1.75 to 2.2 lb packs of grass fed beef oxtail, Braise and slow cook. Enjoy the marrow inside the bone and use the bones to make a hearty bone broth after. Total price is estimate and will be updated at pick up based on product weight

High density nutrition from our happy cows up in Bakersfield in the rolling grass hills, next to an organic carrot farm. These cows graze on grass their whole life and then finish on grass and organic carrots. This gives the beef a sweet flavor, not gamey, and well marbled.

• $24 lb

BEEF OXTAIL (approx 2 lbs) $24 lb

  • Price on website is just an estimate. Price will be updated based on product weight and price per pound. This will be reflected on your invoice at pick up or delivery. Any reward points will be added on after the correct invoice amount and payment has been received. 

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