Pork Regular links Breakfast Sausage (out of mini)

Pork Regular links Breakfast Sausage (out of mini)


Butcher was out of mini link casing, so these are regular size links this week

These are a little more expensive than our larger sausage or bulk sausage as they take longer to make. Please be advised that this recipe does have tiny amount of organic sugar in them. I’m trying to get it taken out but so far, we haven’t come up with a USDA approved seasoning mix without sugar.

Our mild, savory bulk farmers/breakfast sausage mix has no gluten or MSG! They are made from our Berkshire heritage bred pigs

, which are always fed SOY & CORN FREE! They weigh about 1 lb and are $16 per lb

Weights and total cost will be done at the market of your choice for pick up or delivery spot.

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